Latest career for Restaurant Supervisor in Kenya Nov 2015

Job Title: Restaurant Supervisor
Job Description: The incumbent shall oversee the day to day operation of the restaurant, anticipate and meet the needs and desires of the restaurant guests, maintain the established standard of service, supervise, oversee and ensure team provide excellent standard of service and adhere to the policies and procedures of the restaurant.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Overseeing the day to day operation of the restaurants
  • Ensure that all supplies from the kitchen arrive at the restaurants in the established times.
  • Ensure that all restaurants are stocked to appropriate par levels.
  • Ensure the maintenance and cleanliness of the facilities on a daily basis.
  • Monitor food quality and quantity as it relates to portion control.
  • Ensure the protection and maintenance of all operating equipment and premises.
  • Monitor all storage facilities to ensure that proper storage techniques are being used and that the cleanliness standards of storage areas are being maintained.
  • Daily requisition and accounting of stocks petty cash.
  • Monitor, compile, reconcile and report daily sales.
Ensure team complies with the following:
  • Comply with all of the restaurants operational policies & procedures.
  • Acquire a full knowledge of the restaurants food and beverage service policies and procedures.
  • Have a full knowledge of food and beverage products on the menus
  • Ensure that all areas are stocked in accordance with established par levels to include salad bar, fridges and other storage areas
  • Comply with the restaurants standards when handling, producing and dispensing food and beverages products.
  • Prepare, mix and dispense beverages including cocktails.
  • Take food and beverage orders accurately.
  • Delivering food and beverages to customers
  • Promote up selling of food and beverages.
  • Have working knowledge of the point of sale system.
  • Perform cashiering duties of customers payment of bill
  • Clean and wipe areas when required.
  • Maintain a clean & safe working environment.
  • Be able to operate machines to the high level of standard required.
  • Ensure the protection and maintenance of all operating equipment.
  • Complete all assigned opening and closing duties.
  • Attend all scheduled meetings.
  • Participate in all rostered theoretical and on-the-job training sessions
  • Be able to report effectively all operations to the manager
  • Perform any other duties as directed by supervisor/manager.
  • Perform cashiering duties of customers payment of bill
Customer Care
  • Anticipate and attend to the guest’s needs and desires immediately
  • To include special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions.
  • Ensure customers are greeted and/ acknowledged as they enter the establishment
  • In charge of, attend to and handle all customer satisfaction matters and enquires promptly.
  • Maintain superior levels of food & beverage service to customers.
  • Ensure the Experience is delivered.
  • Ensure that all petty cash items are signed and accounted for on a daily basis.
  • Compile and forward reports on: sales, accounts payable and receivable, payroll time sheets and any other related reports to management.
  • Maintain and record all food and beverage transfers to and from the kitchen.
  • Maintain and effectively roster all restaurant team members keeping within the budgeted payroll.
  • Maintain employee records.
  • Monitor and maintain stock inventory at the shops.
  • Inspire & motivate the team to achieve food to specification and therefore achieve sales and profits
  • Leads by example, setting the pace and standards.
  • Train and develop the team to deliver food to specification and therefore exceed customer’s expectations.
  • Praise and recognize good performance
  • Deal with poor performance through informal reprimands and where necessary the company disciplinary procedure – in conjunction with the GSM
  • Pro-active in problem solving.
  • Can work on own initiative to deal with problems and opportunities and cascades to the GSM and senior managers as is appropriate.
  • Verbal communication is key to the Head Chef especially during peak business 
  • Communicate via team meetings, one to one meetings, training sessions, and notice boards and in writing.
  • Communicate a vision of success that the team want to be part of.
Self and Personnel Management
  • Maintain your self-appearance in accordance with the restaurants grooming standards.
  • Maintain a harmonious relationship with other members of the service and kitchen crew.
  • Maintain your self-appearance in accordance with the restaurants grooming standards.
  • Set a good example to other members of the team.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience as Restaurant Supervisor
How to apply
Qualified candidates are encouraged to send their CV to on or before 15th November 2015


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