ISAAC RUTTO in deep trouble – He is using a CHOPPER to fly around the county even in short distances of 10 minutes by CAR



Friday February 28, 2014 – Bomet Governor, Isaac Rutto, is currently swimming in muddy waters, after his constituents demanded answers on why he is using a helicopter (the one in the photo) to go around the County.
In a letter written to the Senate Finance Committee, the constituents urged the Senate to look at the alleged “daily” use of a helicopter.
This issue was also raised by Bomet Senator, Wilfred Lesan, on Thursday and asked the committee to summon the Governor so that he can explain why he is using helicopter to traverse the County.
The Senator said he had been asked by citizens of Bomet to find out why such an expensive mode of transport was being used by the Governor and his executive members.
 But the Senate Finance Committee chairman, Billow Kerrow, told the House that he is aware of a similar issue and he will summon the Governor to shed more light.
“We are already investigating the hiring of helicopters between August and September as raised in a special audit in the County,” Kerrow said.
Speaker of the Senate, Ekwe Ethuro, directed Kerrow’s team to look at the matter within the next 14 days.

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