How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Job Interview

By Tabitha Mwai,

There is nothing more discouraging than applying for so many jobs and not getting called for a single interview. Most of the time we have ourselves to blame for not getting any job offers but we do not seem to realize these.

Below are reasons why you are not being called for any interview.

1. Poorly done CV
Most job seekers have general CV with some being generic while others contain structural mistakes. You must tailor fit every CV to that specific job description. Sending out a copy of the same old CV will leave many job recruiters unimpressed. Always use specific examples on your CV by matching your skills to what they are looking for.

2. Failure to meet qualifications needed
Always compare your skills and experience with what is listed on the Job Advert. Ensure that you meet a most of the requirements before applying for a job. Remember there are those who meet the qualifications and are applying for the same.

Interview Nervousness3. Failure to use the application method specified
Sometimes job applicants make the mistake of using the same method of application for every job even though this may not be the one specified by the potential employer. Follow application instructions very carefully. Do not post an application if the instructions entail online application.

4. Addressing the Application to the wrong person
Most cover letters begin with, ‘To whom it may concern,’ which is unprofessional.  Try to get the exact title and name even if it means calling the company so as to get these information. Your letter will appear more professional.

5. Failure to considered enough potential employers
Some people have a tendency to only apply for jobs in well established multi-national companies. This may seem as a very exciting place to work but so are upcoming companies. Smaller companies will not have as many applications and are always a great stepping stone to gaining experience in and may grow with you as you work there.

6. Failure to follow up on every Job Application
Very few people pick up the phone and follow up on jobs they have applied for. Employers generally say that job applicants should follow up on their application within two weeks of submitting it. In many instances just a brief phone call reminding them about you or a quick email can get you an interview.

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