GRACE to GRASS- Former KANU Asian wheeler dealer JASWANT RAI still in dirty tricks


Friday June 6, 2014 – Former Asian wheeler dealer, Jaswant Rai, is a man who can be described as one of the many shrewd Asian businessmen who immensely benefited from the corrupt regime of KANU that was swept from power by Kibaki/ Raila’s Rainbow coalition in 2002.


Although the man is yet to realize that his glory days are long gone, he is still busy in the corridors of justice trying to pull his KANU connections hoping that things will go his way. Just recently, a Nairobi court threw out an application by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keriako Tobiko, seeking to compel four businessmen facing forgery charges to give him crucial evidence.


The businessman who still thought he was at the fulcrum of power was shocked to learn that he was a mere citizen who is suffering from KANU days hangover where he used to call the shots in the corridors of justice.


Early this year, the shrewd businessman, who has numerous land cases in court bribed police officers in order to arrest four people for allegedly forging title deeds belonging to Tulip Properties, a company associated with senior politicians in Kenya, while there was a civil matter pending in court.


He has even a land case against his younger brother, Tejveer Rai, who is the Managing Director of West Sugar, and has perfected the art of tax evasion by bribing police officers and Kenya Revenue Authority officials.


Just the other day, Jaswant Rai bragged that he does not pay tax because he is well connected to the Jubilee administration.


We ask the Jubilee Government to let Keriako Tobiko go after this rogue businessman who is denying Kenyan tax payers their dues and let him pay taxes. There are the people we inherited from KANU and two regimes down the line, they are still squeezing the Government for more money.


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