FULLY LIST of 12 fully qualified NEUROSURGEONS in Kenya – Is there no woman who can perform brain surgery in Kenya! They are MEN ONLY in the LIST



Wednesday March 26, 2014 – The Kenyan DAILY POST has managed to get a list of 12 neurosurgeons in Kenya who can remove a bullet from the brain of Baby Satrin Osinya who was shot on the head by Al-Shabaab gunmen at a church in Mombasa.
It took 18 years for these doctors to be qualified neurosurgeons who can perform delicate operations of the brain.
Shockingly in Kenya there is no woman who can perform brain/ head surgery.
Kenya has a ratio of one neurosurgeon for every five million people
Below is list of 12 neurosurgeons who are registered by the Neurosurgeon Association of Kenya.
1. Dr. Wanyoike Peter Kamau
2. Dr. Sande M. Gerishom
3. Dr. Lubanga P. Reuben
4. Dr. Oluoch – Olunya, David L.
5. Dr. Musau C.K
6. Dr. Kioy G. Paul
7. Dr. Kaguri S. Kanja
8. Dr. Hooker Juzar
9. Dr. Gichuru Mwangi
10. Dr. Boore K John
11. Dr. Mochoge M.O

12. Dr Samuel Njiru.

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