Is former Miss Kenya, EMMA TOO, ALI HASSAN JOHO’s mistress? – We REVEAL


 – Former Miss World Kenya, Emma Too, is on record saying that she is never attracted to Kenya men and she even opted to date some gringos to put off Kenyan men. (Read the story here>>>>)


But if any Kenyan lady buys Emma Too’s words, she could end up in a bottomless pit because she seems to speak the opposite of what she has been doing.


According to impeccable sources, Emma Too, is a mistress of Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho.


The two lovebirds have been spotted severally by paparazzi in several high end joints in the country and outside Kenya.


Recently, Joho and Emma Too booked a high end hotel in Marrakech, Morrocco, where they spent a number of days warming each other up. During the vacation, Joho had lied to Mombasa County residents that he was in Morocco to look for investors.


Joho is also alleged to have awarded the former beauty queen a tender of beautifying the streets of Mombasa which is costing Mombasa residents millions of shillings every year as a way of nurturing their illicit love affair.


The Mombasa Governor, who is also a close ally of former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, is also alleged to have another girlfriend, Ms Koitaba, who he promoted on Wednesday to head the County’s Finance Department despite lacking a background in finance.


Ms Koitaba has a business administration degree from an Australian University.


Remember Joho is married to a beautiful wife, Madina Joho, and the couple has 4 children!


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