Famous LIES by WOMEN to MEN ….. MEN, has she said this to you ….. it’s a LIE



1. I was not waiting for your call.
2. I really like you but I don’t know when the transition to love will happen.
3. If I wanted to sleep with anyone right now, it would only be you.
4. I think we should share the bill. You don’t have to always treat me.
5. I have truly never realized that I would like this so much.
6. Sex is great fun.
7. It’s all right even if the guy is bald and not good-looking, at least he is rich. Will be able to live a secure life.
8. I don’t want to get possessive and I will never nag you.
9. You are the only one I ever wanted.
10. If I don’t go out with him, he will find someone else.
11. No, nothing wrong with you, I think I am wrong somewhere!
12. I get along best with my in-laws, after all they are family.

13. Yes, if you want to be friends, I don’t mind, I was also thinking of the same thing. Why complicate things?

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