EXPOSED! See the PHOTOs of armed young men behind Crime in Nairobi.


– Below are photos of young men behind crime in Nairobi. They live in different estates around Nairobi such as Kayole, Dandora, Kariobangi and Huruma.


They are armed and ready to shoot if provoked. While some have already been shot dead, others are still roaming in Nairobi free. So, if you spot any of them here, report to the nearest police station.

Here’s  some of the stolen money they have been flaunting on social media through a group they have formed known as Hapana Tambua Takataka.

And here are more photos of the gang members who are always armed  and ready to shoot if provoked.

This one even has police uniform.

The man in the obituary was one of the gang leaders but was recently shot dead in Kayole. Notice that he comes from a well to do family. His father works at the Ministry of Health while his mother works at Kenyatta University.


He was known as Tomaso, a form 2 drop-out. He died at the tender age of 22


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