EXPOSED; The Secret GAY relationship between TV hunk IAN MUGOYA and CHRIS KIRUBI…They said it (NOT us) … Is this really true???




Where do we start,ladies n gents prepare yaself cover ya nose coz we about to open up some anus n expose shitty issues. It might come as a shock to many that the HACO boss,media mogul Chris Kirubi who btw features amongst the richest in Kenya is BISEXUAL yes the ninja is like a sword,cuts both ways. You proly haven’t heard of his queer ways coz he runs the media and you don’t expose your king but guess what Kenya Scandals is doing? EXPOSING what they never had the balls to do.

Now Kirubi according to worthy snitches talking to Kenya Scandals is one major backstabber and a bottom nigga but stays on top too,well in clear language he is always the one screwing the anus n at times lets his hole be drilled either way he is a FAGGOT,”Us gays in Nairobi knows he is one of ours and often picks the hot kuchus,but he also sleeps with many executives,lawyers who are kuchus,Kirubi loves ass so much and yes he has f*cked my ass n i did his too n i would again he is such a good lover” confesses one snitch speaking to Kenya Scandals.

Perhaps the most media worthy relationship was that with KTN’s Ian Mugoya,its not rocket science to figure out that this man is gay,forget photos of him smooching with fellow men,ninja has this way of smacking his lips like he ready to suck life off a D. That aside,various gay snitches talking to Kenya Scandals confirms his relationship with Kirubi oh ladies who have kissed Mugoya you done kissed Kirubi D too coz we are told Mugoya is the woman in the rship,not a surprise huh,”Ian is no doubt downlow kuchu,he has slept with two of my ex boyfriends but his relationship with Kirubi was more money driven,he used to treat her so well,trips,money,clothes everything long as the secret was kept from the media. One time saw him drive into Kirubi’s residence(international house) latee into the night for their sex sessions. One of my ex he slept with says Mugoya has such a good moist wet ass that can drive any kuchu crazy n he knows how to fuck which is one of the reasons Kirubi amemkwamilia na kumspoil na pesa” revealed another snitch to Kenya Scandals.

These two are living double lives,eating P n ass at the same damn time,in public you see them with ladies in private they see dicks n asses. Mugoya be like we out here balling,yea right you got balls clapping on ya face and on ya butt cheeks,ball son ball till you walk in diapers. Couldn’t end this without spitting coz don’t like the smell of it.

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