EXPOSED: EUGENE WAMALWA is not KIJANA WAMALWA’s brother but son – the late WAMALWA had S*X with his mother – SHOCKING but a MUST READ



Former Justice Minister Eugene Wamalwa is without a doubt one of the best orators and eloquent politicians we have in this country just like his “brother”, the late Michael Kijana Wamalwa, who could probably have become the first Luhya President after Mwai Kibaki – were it not for his death.
However, Eugene has a hidden secret in his life that no one knows about except for the few who properly understand the Bukhusu culture and tradition or those who can connect the dots and come up with inferences.
It is because of this curiosity that the Kenyan DAILY POST decided to delve deep into Eugene’s life in order to clear some things and you won’t believe what we found out.
According to the sources close to Wamalwa’s family, Eugene Wamalwa is not a brother to the late former Vice President, Michael Wamalwa Kijana, as the public has been made to belive, but his real son i.e. Kijana Wamalwa was the father of Eugene Wamalwa.
Well, that is confusing, but according to the source, the late Wamalwa slept with his stepmother and sired Eugene in accordance with the Bukusu culture and tradition.
After the death of William Wamalwa, Kijana Wamalwa’s father who was also an influential politician, the late Michael Wamalwa inherited his younger wife, who was then only 34 years old, as the Bukusu customs demanded.
The union of Michael Kijana Wamalwa and his stepmother brought forth Eugene Wamalwa, who according to the tradition is regarded to as Kijana Wamalwa’s brother and not son.
According to records, Eugene was born way after the death of his supposed father, William Wamalwa, and thus ruling him out as his biological father.
The Bukusu culture, just like the Luo culture, allows the eldest sons to inherit the younger wives of their fathers to retain them at home, but only when the fathers are dead and gone.
However, children born from such marriages are castrated at childhood to discontinue such a lineage in order to avoid complexities in future, and which may explain why Eugene Wamalwa is impotent.
Eugene and his wife have no children of their own, but have adopted some orphans into their childless marriage.

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