Education Versus Experience – What Really Counts?


The big debate. Education Versus Experience

The job market is very dynamic with different companies having unique demands. As a job seeker what goes through your mind is whether you have the required experience and education background. Experience and education are both equally important for a job seeker but there are factors that determine which one to bank on while job searching.

The first factor is the career field. There are those fields that focus on education while others prefer experience. For instance, employers in the field of ICT might prefer to go for a fresh graduate who has knowledge of latest IT inventions while those in sales while opt for a person with experience and a track record to prove.

Another factor to consider is the Company Policy. There companies which prefer recruiting fresh graduates while other choose to go for employees with experience. Despite the experience, there are companies which will not employee any individual without a college degree.

Reputation is also another factor to look out for. Reputation is important for both education and experience. As for education, a degree for a highly reputable institution will automatically open doors unlike one from a less reputable institution. Apart from the institution, the system that you enrolled for also builds your reputation.

interviewsA person who earned their degree and at the same time they were working full time appear to be dedicated and hardworking. When it comes to experience, reputation is not build by working hours and years of experience but by the value you added to a company. This can be in terms of innovations, winning awards or even bringing in new business.

Finally there is the issue of money. Most of the time, an individuals’ salary is determined by their education level. Degree holders tend to be paid higher than the diploma and certificate holders. Despite the better pay, degree holders are more likely to secure employment unlike their counterparts.

This could be a great motivation for you to enroll for a degree program. However, before committing yourself consider your career field, the college reputation and your finances.

For graduates who have no experience, internships and volunteer work in positions that build your experience could boost your CV. On the other hand, if you lack education and you have experience enroll for a degree which will boost your CV.

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