DRAMA…… Wife LOCKED outside the house by sister-in-law in Lucky Summer, Nairobi – for having S*X with neighbour



Drama unfolded in Lucky Summer Estate in Nairobi on Saturday after a woman locked her sister-in-law outside the house after she returned home late.
The woman who is heavily pregnant lived with the brother and the wife.
Neighbours said that the man worked as a watchman and was on night shift most of the time.
On Friday evening he left as usual leaving the wife and sister in the house.
The wife apparently had a side dish and they were to meet on Friday for a “quickie”. She left the house at around 8pm after having dinner claiming to be going to the shop.
However, she took long to return and the sister-in-law became worried. She called her cell phone but she did not answer.
She went to her best friend nearby who let the cat out of the bag. She informed her that the wife was in another man’s house where she visited every Friday to romp.
The sister-in-law decided to teach the wife a lesson. She locked the house and stayed put waiting for her to come. The wife returned home at midnight and knocked on the door but the sister in-law refused to open. She told her that it was high time the husband knew her immoral behaviours.
The wife kept on calling her name but she refused to open. Other neighbours were awoken by the noises and tried to plead with the sister in law to open and let the matter be settled the following morning but she vehemently refused.
The wife was forced to seek refuge at the caretaker’s house, where neighbours suspect they too had s*x.



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