Some few years ago, Huddah Monroe and Vera Sikida were very close friends but it is not clear what came between them to create immense enmity between them.
Last week, twitter was on fire as the two fought calling each othe names and digging the past. Exactly how did the fight start, here is a back track of Huddah’s tweets from last week which were attacking Vera;
@HUDDahMONROE: Niggas and bitches are all ballers on Instagram but their families live in the slums though!
@HUDDAHMONROE: U know though about that Elephant sized bitch though LMFAO!
@HUDDAHMONROE: I thought People use Photoshop to add hips,she uses to reduce her size and create a gap btwn her legs LOL! “@KarenNyamol” “@KarenNyamol:
@HUDDAHMONROE we all know! The owner of the hse in Nigerias about to sue
@HUDDAHMONROE: The chick who drinks champagne but she was borrowing my niggas 4k on her birthday LOOL! @KarenNyamol
@HUDDAHMONROE: Some gals always attacking me indirectly and when I respond people say I’m bitter.Im in competition with No woman,maybe Beyonce! LOL!
@HUDDAHMONROE: My House in Accra..LMFAO! Bitches don’t even own a house in their own country ,but they do in other countries?
@HUDDAHMONROE: Some bitches always competing with Huddah ,first off their bodies bigger than an Elephant.You can’t ever be lead in the race. I’m Thee BOSS!”
Well the tweets did not touch Vera until she pushed the wrong button;
“@vee_beiby: Fake bosslady wannabes.  Your time is up!
@vee_beiby: Jealousy; Once frndz then ur life gets better n u even invite ur pal 2 hse warming.She doesn’t show up. N forever starts hating on You!”
@vee_beiby: U can call me all the names in the world.  Once you start calling my family names.U crossed a line. I will go ratchet fighting for blood!”
@vee_beiby: Lmao “@steve_kiarie: @vee_beiby goes to nigeria for business 
@huddahmonroe follow her to ghana to stay with a friend.
@vee_beiby: Boney flat chest refugee. Grow some boobs before insults.I need to confirm if it’s female or male cz I’ve seen bigger breasts on a MAN!”
And the bitching continued ……. did you know that Huddah has been living at a servants quarter while she says that she lives in a mansion;
@HUDDAHMONROE: No surgery can fix Ugly!
@HUDDAHMONROE: Ghetto – SQ -Mansion 🙂 I’m a proud hustler. Hizo zingine tuwachie posers! A fake life is all they can afford!
@HUDDAHMONROE: 2009 and 2013.There’s a big difference! Bitch always bringing my past to my present.Hit us with a new one!

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