CONFIRMED: It was ANNE WAIGURU who wanted to sleep with JANET MBUGUA’s boyfriend GOR SEMELANGO



Monday April 14, 2014 – The Kenyan DAILY POST has finally established that Cabinet Secretary in charge of Devolution, Miss Anne Waiguru, wanted to sleep with ousted chairman of Youth Development Fund, Gor Evans Semelango, who is the boyfriend of Citizen TV presenter, Janet Mbugua.
According to our sources, Waiguru who is still single had “offered herself” to the talented youth mobiliser during a Government retreat in Mombasa last month.
But as a man of his principles, Semelango turned down Waiguru’s advances and that is when their differences started.
When they came back to Nairobi, Waiguru who was embarrassed by the incident started planning how to kick out the “energetic young man” from being the chair of the youth fund.
During a meeting in Harambee House this month, Waiguru started to inquire about Gor Semelango’s ethnicity and even asked who appointed him to such a lucrative post.
It is alleged that it is not President Uhuru Kenyatta who sacked Semalango but it is Anne Waiguru and some senior State House officials.
Semelango has vowed to confront the President when he lands from London and tell him the events that preceeded his sacking.
“I will wait for the President to come back so that I can get to know the truth because I have not received any letter from his office,” Semelango said adding that he cannot betray his girlfriend for a “spent cartridge” like Waiguru.

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