Citizen TV and radio’s WAWERU MBURU’s ‪says that Kenya is DOOMED under UHURU/ RUTO’s Government ……. READ and see if you AGREE!!



The fearless WAWERU MBURU of Radio Citizen discredited the Jubilee government in his YALIYOTENDEKA program and pointed out the following issues.
1. Kenya is pushing ICC cases against Uhuru and Ruto to be differed or cancelled. According to Waweru Mburu that will not be possible and if the ICC agrees to do so then Uhuru and Ruto will be declared as Champions of crime and dictatorship and they will join the leagues of Robert Mugabe and Al Bashir since they will have licensed African Presidents to maim and kill their citizens without consequence.
2. According to Uhuru and Ruto, they have shown Kenyans that countries like Zimbabwe, Rwanda Sudan etc are their role models while countries like USA, German, Britain etc are their enemies and these labels Uhuru and Ruto as visionless leaders.
3. Waweru Mburu said that Zimbabwe has been facing the East for 20 years and gained nothing but poverty, unfortunately Kenya is heading in the same direction. Mburu said that Uhuru’s father gained knowledge from Britain and not from China but the son has decided to fool himself with the East.
4. Mburu has called upon Kenyans to stop hypocrisy by pretending to hate the west while at night they crowed in night clubs watching English Premier League games while wearing T-shirts labeled New York and Manchester. He says no one buys Ulinzi Stars’ T- shirts.
5. He finished by saying that Kenyans were dictated by the tyranny of numbers in last election instead of using their wisdom and knowledge to elect visionary leaders. He said Kenya is a doomed country under Uhuru and Ruto’s leadership. Poor miraa farmers in Kenya are begging the West to accept their products and other Kenyans are busy begging the West for scholarships but their leaders are busy burning the bridges.

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