26th October 2014

KALEKYE MUMO And Other FIVE Actresses Sets Their BREASTS FREE For The Cameras Check Out Photos

 KALEKYE MUMO And Other FIVE Actresses Sets Their BREASTS FREE For The Cameras Check Out Photos The female cast of 'Fundi-Mentals' which also features Radio presenter to Kiss 100 Kalekye Mumo came together for a bold photo shoot in order to promote breast cancer awareness.. Protect them, check them! Pics Courtesy.
25th September 2014

HOTTEST: ALFRED MUTUA’s New Wife Floors Many With Her Beauty At A Night Event Check Out The Photos By The Way Could She Be PREGNANT

On Friday, September 19th, Machakos 1st Lady Madam Lillian was the chief guest during the Machakos County Miss World-Kenya Beauty Pageant held at the Machakos People’s Park. In the event, Ms. Idah Nguma was crowned the winner.
25th September 2014

MADNESS:Meet The Woman Who Was Born As A MAN And Spent Sh 9Million To Have The BIGGEST BÙM And BRÉASTS Around

A transgender woman has had more than 100 black-market injections to achieve her 60-inch bum - despite her friends dying due to similar operations. Tatiana Williams, 42, has spent £60,000 sculpting her body over the past 20 years - including injections that have filled each bum cheek with a incredible 8lb of silicone. She said that similar high-risk illegal operations have maimed and killed a number of her friends, but that she has no regrets over her ...
25th September 2014

SHOCKING: Pastor In KARATINA Claims To CLEANSE Souls Of FEMALE Barren Worshippers By Touching And ‘Scrubbing’ Their BREASTS To Remove Satan

Pastors are getting naughtier by the day. Just yesterday one was caught feasting on one of his lamb who also happens to be someone's wife. He shamelessly said she had gone to seek prayers and that's what he was doing, needless to say they were caught in a hotel room pants down. Now the pastor in Karatina,David Njoroge claims to have healing powers to cure barrenness in women by thoroughly cleaning their hearts, he does that ...
25th September 2014

HAIYA!!Why Men In BUTERE Are Forcing Their Women To BREASTFEED Babies On ONE BREAST And Leave The Other For HUSBANDS

MANY children in Butere district are suffering from kwashiorkor, marasmus and other malnutrition ailments due to poor lactation. Area public health officer Oliver Walutila said there is need to increase milk production in Butere “so that fathers can leave mothers’ milk to their children”. 'In a scenario where men compete with their children to breastfeed, the children end up being malnourished,” he said. Walutila said that mothers in Butere breastfeed their children on one breast and spare the ...
25th September 2014

WOLOLO!!Remember Danish PM Who Was FLIRTING With OBAMA At Mandela Memorial She’s Back At It With UHURU Oh Margret Will Be MAD When She Sees THIS

Does this ring a bell? Yes you definitely remember this. The lady was right there flirting with Michelle's husband on her face, flipping,crossing her legs et al and she wasn't amused one moment. Well she seem to have gotten back to her familiar game with the Kenyan boys laying it off to our own Uhunye. Denmark Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and President Uhuru co-chaired the energy session of the Climate Summit 2014. We found the photos suggestive and ...
16th September 2014

“I Work Hard” From a Van Sales Girl To Creating More Than 240 Jobs

She is a common name in Kenya having started her own beauty empire dubbed Ashleys Kenya. But did you know successful entrepreneur Terry Mungai was once a van sales girl selling bakery products, a secretary or an insurance agent? Nonetheless, how did Ashleys Kenya come to be? “There was one or two professional hair dressing outlets in Nairobi but their staff did not take their jobs very professionally,” she once told The Star adding that as a ...
15th September 2014

From a Pizza Delivery Guy To Real Estate Company General Manager

By Tabitha Makumi, For most people, the thought of going to work on their birthday is the worst thing they can possibly think of. If you are self employed, you might just decide to ditch work and indulge in birthday related activities. But not for Anthony B. Karanja who turned 40 on the day of this interview. I meet him at his offices at Chaka Court off Argwings Kodhek Road where he tells me there’s no other ...
12th September 2014

3 Powerful Money Lessons To Learn From Kiss 100’s Caroline Mutoko

 3 Powerful Money Lessons To Learn From Kiss 100’s Caroline Mutoko “When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is,” that’s a quote by one Oscar Wilde and while a lot of people may disagree with that statement, we all know how vital money is. That said, who are you taking your money advice from as far as spending, saving and ...
11th September 2014

HAIYA:Citizen TV’s SWALEH MDOE Shows You Paka Mzee Hunywa Maziwa As He’s Caught GRINDING On Some Young Big BÓOTIES At A Night Event

HAIYA:Citizen TV's SWALEH MDOE Shows You Paka Mzee Hunywa Maziwa As He's Caught GRINDING On Some Young Big BOOTIES At A Night Event Extra