Did Capital FM’s ANITA NDERU take shots at VERA SIDIKA ….She was N3K3D


 – Capital FM’s Anita Nderu indirectly took shots at Vera Sidika while she was getting ready to take a shower.


Look at what she wrote;


Waiting for the tub to fill, Patience is a virtue I have been forced to practice. I should close the curtains right? But the only neighbor I have is the lake so I’ll be fine plus it is raining so low visibility but still there could be some sneaky sniper pervert fisherman on the prowl. Then I end up on blogs. I don’t want to be a Kenyan socialite, it is sad and embarrassing plus I would have to learn to be a great liar, get implants, bleach, start twerking, buy $3,000 shoes on ebay, heh yeah curtains closed”

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