If I can POSITIVELY influence just ONE person, well and good. I have no time for other HATERS …. Says Kiss 100’s Presenter CAROLINE MUTOKO.



Friday, February 28, 2014 – It’s with no doubt that the no nonsense Kiss 100 presenter, Caroline Mutoko, is hated and loved in equal measure by majority of Kenyans.
The same hate and love is clearly reflected on her official facebook page, where some throw tantrums at her while others pour praises on her for inspiring them. However, the renowned radio presenter now says that she is not moved by any negative comments, provided she is impacting somebody’s life positively.
Here is what Caroline had to say;
I’ve always said I hope when all is said & done, if I can impact just one life, just one – then it’s been a great day.

I got this in my in-box today:

“As i listened to this video i couldn’t help crying. This has been my life for several years that without me being sexy u cannot be accepted. U would do anything strangulation, foreign objects and any forms of torture was the norm.

By the time i left had s broken rib, leg and hand all in the name of pleasure. It wasn’t my pleasure but someone’s interpretation of pleasure. And cause I didn’t know better, I went with their interpretation.

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