Can you hire HIT-MEN to Kill a man who is having S3X with your wife .. Asks Classic 105’s presenter MAINA KAGENI …. Can you do that??????



Friday, February 28, 2014 – Yesterday, the country woke up to sad news after a Senior Bank Manager was brutally murdered for having s3x with somebody’s wife.
The deceased was shot several times by unknown assailants as he picked his clandestine lover at JKUAT, Westlands Campus.
The two had been trailed for some-time and the forty days of the Senior Banker finally reached with several bullets shot into his lustful body.
Unfortunately, he died on the spot, wasting his good brains just because of a 28 year old married lady.
The brutal killing of the respectable Family Bank manager was the subject of discussion during Maina Kageni’s morning show.
Shockingly, most of the listeners supported the brutal killing of the banker saying that it should serve as a lesson to all men engaging in s3xual orgies with other people’s wives.
One of the callers confessed to have hired hit men who castrated and tortured a man who was having an affair with his wife to death.
“They castrated and tortured him to death and I never regret my actions. If I catch any man having s3x with my wife, I will still do that.” He added.
Other callers claimed that even the Bible orders any man caught having s3x with somebody’s wife should be killed (Deuteronomy 22:22).
This begs the question, can you kill a man if you found out that he is having s3x with your wife.

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