Bishop ALLAN KIUNA of JCC caught pants down just like KANYARI …… Details!


 – Flashy city pastor, Allan Kiuna, of JCC, has started deviating from the ways of the Lord and is now using ingenious ways to milk money from innocent Kenyans.


Our team busted the wealthy pastor misleading members of his church by telling them to transfer half of the money in their bank accounts to his account. The cunning pastor claims that by doing so, the money will miraculously double.


He shamelessly did this live on TV last Sunday during his morning sermon on KTN. Kiuna claimed that by emptying half of your bank account to his account, you will miraculously find the money in your account to have doubled within three days.


However, this is just another way of trying to steal from the flock. Bishop Allan Kiuna is one of the richest pastors in Kenya and his wealth runs into billions of shillings.


He is rumoured to be on the process of importing a private jet.


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