Agronomists Jobs in Laikipia County, Kenya March 2016


Job vacancy;Agronomists  in Laikipia County, Kenya

Career opportunity:Agronomists  in Laikipia County, Kenya

Seeking – Agronomists (2 positions, 1 intern)
Noah Management needs an agronomists to guide Agricultural farm management of Canaan Estate Gated farm. (18,000 acres in Laikipia County).
You’ll be guiding planning strategies for maximum yield, organizing farm administration, working machinery, organising associated businesses and managing staff.
You need to have technical and practical competence, as well as the ability to make sound business decisions.


  • Planning finances and production to maintain farm progress against budget parameters;
  • Safe agricultural inputs, fertilizer and seed recommendations
  • Arranging the construction, maintenance and repair of farm buildings, machinery and equipment;
  • Planning activities for trainee staff, mentoring and monitoring them;
  • Maintaining and monitoring the quality of yield, whether livestock or crops;
  • Understanding the implications of the weather and making contingency plans;
  • Regular field checks, insect, weed, disease monitoring and diagnostics
  • Soil moisture, status monitoring, and sampling
  • Irrigation structuring and planning
  • Crop rotation planning and hybrid/variety recommendations
  • Increase acreage as well as opportunities
  • Detailed, computer/digitized field reports, and permanent record keeping
  • Crop value chain, sourcing, planning and budgeting
  • Personal consultation with farmers and other stakeholders as directed and/or needed
  • Making sure products are ready for deadlines, such as auctions and markets;
  • Ensuring that farm activities comply with government regulations;
  • Applying health and safety standards across the farm estate;
  • Protecting the environment and maintaining biodiversity;
  • Keeping financial records up to date.
  • Other duties as necessary
Skills Required:
You will need to show evidence of the following:
  • knowledge of food production;
  • organisational and time management skills;
  • ability to work under pressure;
  • supervisory skills and management ability;
  • numerical aptitude;
  • willingness to be outside in all weathers and patience to undertake all sorts of practical, sometimes repetitive jobs;
  • full driving licence;
  • self-motivation and the ability to motivate others;
  • larger-scale business awareness;
  • marketing skills;
  • negotiation skills;
  • genuine commitment to farming;
  • IT skills;
  • good technical knowledge.
Farm managers need to have a good understanding of modern farming methods, a commitment to animal welfare and an interest in, and understanding of, the ways in which farming impacts the environment. 
An awareness of customer demand, food standards and sustainability are also all important.


  • Previous hands-on farming experience and technical knowledge are as important as academic qualifications, and some employers may appoint candidates on the basis of their experience alone.
  • However, a degree is greatly valued and most farm managers hold at least a degree or HND/foundation degree in agriculture or a related subject such as:
  1. agricultural engineering;
  2. crop management;
  3. farm business management;
  4. horticulture;
  5. land/estate management.
How to Apply

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