Here are 7 PHOTOs of FASHION DISASTERs from some Kenyan ladies … Please LADIES never dress like this (Get some manners)


1)      If you have sagging boobs like this lady, please wear a fitting bra
2)     If you have a beer tummy like this lady in white, please wear loose fitting outfit to hide your disgusting figure.
3)     If you have a disgusting tummy like the lady dressed in blue in the photo below, please get some manners and save your disgusting figure from the public.
4)     If you have no shape on your behind like this woman, please keep your ugly a$$ from the public.
5)     If you plan to take a photo with a celebrity, don’t dress like these ratchets. They ashamed DNA.
6)     If you want to look confused and desperate, just dress like these ladies..Oooh My, look at their sugarcane like legs.NKT.
7)     If you have hanging meat like the lady in the photo, mini-skirts is a no for you. Not unless you want to look like a ghost.

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