4 Things Kenyans Need To Stop Expecting From Others

Most people have the habit of focusing their lives dependent of other people’s expectations which is the recipe for frustration and disappointment. If you expect to be happy hope for the best, but expect less.  Let your own expectations drive you.

Here are several things you should stop expecting from others;

1.    Stop expecting them to agree with you.
You should be able to determine your own happiness in life and let not other people opinions bring you down. You should not live up to other people’s expectations and nor should you expect them to live up to your expectations.

Once you are able to approve of your own decisions then you will need less approval from others. Be yourself, do not compare yourself to others and do not be influenced by other people’s opinions. Follow your own path and stay true to your own purpose.

2.  Stop expecting them to respect you more than you respect yourself.
You need to have a strong spirit so as to believe in yourself. Stop begging people for the love, respect, and attention that you should be showing yourself.

Couple-arguing-300x175You need to be nice to others, but do not forget to be nice to yourself. When you practice self-love and self-respect, you create your own happiness.

3.  Stop expecting (and needing) them to like you.
There are people who will make you feel unwanted and unworthy, but remember you are priceless to another. Always spend time with people who value you.  Keep in mind that, no matter how good you are to others, there will always be one negative person who criticizes you.  Smile, ignore them, and carry on. The right person will always appreciate who you are.

4.  Stop expecting them to know what you’re thinking.
People will never know how you feel unless you tell them. You always have to communicate with others regularly and effectively.  And often, you have to be the first one to speak.  You have to tell people what you’re thinking for t

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