Here is a 32 year old CURSE facing RAILA ODINGA – He will never be PRESIDENT of Kenya!


Former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, once described Russia as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery”


The same words can be used to describe former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, who for the past 50 years has been in the fulcrum of opposition politics in Kenya.


In reality Raila Odinga is a phenomenon that touched and is touching significant aspects of every Kenyan’s live.


Raila looks scandalously young and vibrant, his physique trim, his mind ever engaged with some of the major political events in Kenya’s history.


Raila political metaphor is inspired by his amazing restlessness and constant trips around the world in the service of his CORD coalition and Kenyans.


But there is one thing Raila has failed to do for the last 50 years, to win the coveted seat of the Presidency in Kenya.


Why has Raila Odinga failed to win the Presidency having tried three times for the last 20 years??


In African traditions, there is something called an “elder’s curse”. In 1982, when Raila Odinga was trying to overthrow former President Moi’s Government, the retired President with a group of Kalenjin elders cursed him for shedding blood during the attempted coup de tat.


In a traditional ceremony that took place in a remote location in Eldama Ravine, Moi with over 80 elders performed a ritual that declared Raila Odinga an “outcast”.


During that time, Raila Odinga was at Kamiti Maximum Prison waiting for his sentence.

When Moi came back to State House, Nairobi, he summoned all his security chiefs to contemplate on the fate of dissidents who were trying to overthrow his Government.


All security chiefs unanimously agreed that Raila Odinga and his fellow mutants should be hanged for treason.


But Moi stopped them by saying “Let him live and see others become President”


Moi said Raila Odinga will never become President of Kenya.


“He will be watching others become Heads of State”.


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